How to Order

If you would like details of how to obtain the book other than the outlets listed below, please contact

Alternatively, books can be purchased or ordered from various bookshops (for example, Waterstones in Cambridge),  the Wega bookshop in St Moritz, Orell Füssli in Zürich, and many more. 

Since mid-December 2020, the book is also available as an e-book from Amazon:

Readers familiar with the Kindle format will be aware that no patience is needed – instant purchase possible, no delivery costs, and readers can even buy a present for a friend and they can download a free sample. I recommend that you go for it!

Questions to

The first chapter, about Alma, has been freely accessible from Alex Reid’s fantastic website ‘Lives Retold’

Alma finds her place next to a great number of distinguished and interesting people in academia, the arts, the church, politics and many other spheres.